Mission and value
Our mission is to assist you with the highest level of care and evidence-based treatment methods based on your health needs.
Our goal is aimed on pain relief and maximization of functional outcomes.
To achieve this, each client receives half an hour of one -on-one personal care during each treatment session with the same therapist.

Quality of care / commitment
We emphasize on therapist – patient collaboration, mutual respect and functional treatment approach. In addition to the one-on-one care provided, we strive on a positive and supportive environment for our patients which encourage them to discuss their expectations with us so that we can focus on their goals.
We perform regular re- assessments to evaluate your recovery process and return to normal function.

Communication between the physiotherapist and other health professionals is an important component of our treatment program.
The report of your initial evaluation after intake will be sent to the referred professional. As treatment progresses, they will be updated on your condition and functional status.
The final evaluation report will be sent within 24 hours after the end of your treatment.

Screening by the physiotherapist
If you come to us without a referral letter, we first carry out a screening of 10 minutes to evaluate your complaints and decide if further attention is required.

With referral letter
If you come with a referral letter, an extensive interview is done aimed at gathering as much information as we can. This will dictate the tests that will be used during examination to assess your injury.

Examination by the physiotherapist
In both cases above, if it is determined that the therapist can help, and then a careful observation and examination is done to find the cause of the injury. This is important in order to be able to choose the right form of treatment.
The therapist then makes a diagnosis and discusses with you the treatment plan based on your help question. During treatment, treatment techniques are used to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.

Follow-up treatment
Everybody is unique and so is every treatment. How many follow-up treatments you may need depends on your recovery speed and the personal treatment plan that was discussed during the first appointment. Before the start of each treatment, the therapist asks you about the effects of the previous one.

Treatment by the physiotherapist
Each treatment lasts 30 minutes

At home treatment
If you cannot come to the practice, we will also come to your home. For this you do need a referral, on which is stated that you qualify for home treatments.