Astuce 1 : Vous pouvez copier une fiche existante : Astuce 2 : Veillez à toujours avoir une fiche active afin de faciliter l’accès à votre « page professionnel » qui contient les différents avis. \”>”,”,”Professionnel,Professionnels \”>”,”,”création,fiche,forfait \”>”,”,”2018-10-31 14:04:07″ “1. How to create a professional account? \”>”,”,”In the menu: Go to “”create an account”” and then “”Create a Pro account””:Or reach directly the registration form here: Register Your username is not modifiable after registration. You can choose to display it publicly so that you name and first name are not visible on the website. Once registered, you have to confirm your e-mail address in order to log in. For this, please consult your inbox for the email address specified during your registration and click on the activation link in the confirmation email. You can’t find the message? Remember to check in your Spams 🙂 If you can not find it, contact us: