Mulligan Manual Therapy Concept

Mulligan manual therapy concept originated in New Zealand, and is named after its discoverer and founder, physiotherapist Brian Mulligan.

The Mulligan Concept or Mobilization with Movement (MWM) is a method of pain-free mobilization of the joints.

According to this concept, injuries or sprains can occur when joints are shifted from their original position/posture, thereby causing restrictions to normal physiological movements.

The goal of Mulligan therapy is to return the joints to their original position through mobilizations.

Mobilization with movement (MWM) involves the application of sustained mobilization by a therapist coupled with an active movement to end range applied by the patient. Passive end-of-range overpressure, or stretching, is then delivered without pain as a barrier.

The previously restricted motion or activity is repeated by the patient while the therapist continues to maintain the appropriate accessory glide. With the correct push, pull or slide technique and sometimes with the aid of a traction band the joint can regain its natural movement.

Many patients experience the treatment as pleasant, because the treatment technique itself does not cause pain.

Mulligan therapy is effective for the following complaints:

  • Headache complaints (cervicogenic): pain from the neck region
  • Ankle complaints
  • Neck complaints
  • Shoulder complaints
  • Wrist complaints and finger complaints
  • Hip complaints
  • Elbow complaints such as tennis or golf arm
  • Low back pain
  • Knee complaints

After the Mulligan therapy treatment, exercises are given to ensure that the effect of the treatment is maintained.

The treatment can be used in combination with other treatment methods.

Benefits Mulligan concept:

  • Pain-free mobilizations
  • Immediate result in increased movement.
  • Immediate increase in joint functions
  • Immediate reduction of pain
  • Increase in flexibility after a treatment.

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