Patient Satisfaction Survey / PREM (MediQuest)

We would like to invite you to participate in our client satisfaction survey!

Would you like to participate in our experience survey?

The survey is carried out by MediQuest, an independent survey agency.

The PREM questionnaire for Physiotherapy which will be sent to you by MediQuest. PREM stands for Patient Reported Experience Measures.

Your data and answers will be treated in the strictest confidence and anonymously, so that no personal information ends up with us or with your health insurance.

The results of the survey will be fed back to us. These aggregated results can be used for choice information, care improvement and care procurement. Participation is entirely voluntary and has no consequences for the care you (or your loved one) receive.

The importance of the client satisfaction survey:

We want to provide you with the best care. That is why your feedback is important: what is going well and what could be improved? The results of this research help us to improve our care.

What are the questions about?

  • Accommodation
  • Accessibility
  • Information provision from your practitioner
  • Treatment by your therapist
  • The treatment and recovery process

How do you participate?

  • Provide us with your email address and permission for MediQuest.
  • You also give MediQuest permission to process this data and then send the questionnaire by e-mail.
  • It is completely anonymous and confidential.
  • This takes about 6 minutes.