• The practice is not liable for loss or damage to your property in or around the property.
  • The exercise room may only be entered with clean training shoes.
  • Within the practice clients are regularly invited to participate in a survey where their opinion may be are asked about the functioning of the practice.
  • If you leave your jacket/coat or other belongings on the coat rack or in the waiting room, make sure that you leave no valuables inside.
  • If you read a magazine while waiting for your appointment time, please replace it on the table when you leave the waiting room.
  • The practice has the right to send away persons who display offensive behaviour.
  • Clients must behave in accordance with generally applicable (decent) standards and values.


  • You must be present at least 10 minutes before your treatment.
  • Always bring a towel with you for an appointment
  • We also ask for your e-mail address, because the health insurers through the patient satisfactory survey questionnaire would want to ask you questions about the quality of our practice and the treatments that you received.


  • Treatments only take place by appointment.
  • The treatment method and actions are explained prior to the treatment If there are objections, you must report this immediately.
  • The treatment usually takes place in a separate room in which only the physiotherapist and the patient are present.
  • Only with exercise therapy in the training room can several people be present in the same room.
  • If third parties (eg an intern) are present during the treatment, the patient’s permission will be requested in advance.
  • The physiotherapist – patient respect and refrain from unintentional informal contact is a must.
  • Topics discussed with the patient remain confidential and will not be discussed with third parties without the permission of the patient.