Basic insurance

If you have basic insurance, you pay for the treatment yourself. You will receive an invoice that you pay directly.

Supplementary insurance

If you have supplementary health insurance, your treatments will be paid by your health insurer.

More information about the number of physiotherapy treatments per year can be found by visiting the site below:

Payment of chronic indications from the basic insurance

Only chronic complaints are covered by the basic insurance.

Please note that for the basic insurance a compulsory personal risk payment (verplicht eigen risico) applies to everyone from the age of 18.

If you have a chronic condition listed in the “List of Borst”, your insurer will cover the treatment cost from the 21st treatment. You will have to pay for the first 20 treatments yourself.

A number of supplementary insurance packages cover the first 20 treatments for chronic conditions. These 20 treatments apply per condition and not per calendar year.

For more information concerning chronic conditions visit the site below

Chronische lijst van aandoeningen –

Compensation Check

Here you will find more information about the different insurance policies and the number of physiotherapy treatments offered per year or Fysiotherapie –