For chronic disorders, the first 20 treatments will be compensated for the supplementary package, from the 21st treatment onwards compensations will be made from the basic insurance package.

If you do not have a supplementary package then you have to pay the first 20 treatments yourself. These 20 treatments apply per condition and not per calendar year!!.

The overview of physiotherapy benefits from the supplementary insurance policy is stated in the policy conditions that you received from your insurer.

Please note only a number of treatments is paid per year and it depends on your insurance policy.

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If you are older than 18, your insurance company will only pay for your physiotherapy treatments if you have a supplementary package otherwise you have to pay yourself.

Children up to 18 years have 18 treatments per year from the basic insurance. For the treatment of chronic disorders there is full coverage from the basic insurance. The disorder must be on the chronic list provided by the health ministry.


With every appointment you bring a towel and your appointment card along.

We ask you to bring  along valid identification document (passport, identity card or driving license).

Since 1 January 2006 you no longer need a referral letter to visit a physiotherapist.

Yes if you have additional / supplementary healthcare insurance. We can check for you how many treatments you can get based on your insurance policy. You can also contact your insurance company.

Yes.  Of course the evenings vary.